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The girl is one of four former student athletes who sued the Anaheim Union High School District on Tuesday, accusing it of ignoring signs the coaches were molesting the girls they trained at Kennedy High. Last week, Owens was convicted of sexually assaulting three teenage girls, including a then 15-year-old in 2014 and 2015. Horjeh is awaiting trial on charges that he molested seven girls from 2014 to 2018. “Here we have two sexual predators operating at a single school, both coaches in the school’s water polo program. That cannot be coincidental and clearly shows a failure at the administrative level,” Stewart said. Stewart’s law firm filed two lawsuits, one naming Hojreh and the school district and the other naming Owens and the school district. The suit against Hojreh also named his club team and USA Water Polo. “It is a truly horrific example of the failure of adults to protect children from the predators that lurk in youth sports,” Stewart said. The suits allege that the district and water polo officials concealed from the victims’ parents and police the fact that girls were or may have been sexually abused, harassed and molested by the coaches.

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Oroville Dam repair costs soar past $1 billion

Oroville Dam repair costs soar past $1 billion (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times) Fixing the Oroville Dam spillway wrecked by storms in 2017 will cost $1.1 billion — a $455-million hike from initial estimates — the state Department of Water Resources announced Wednesday. The swelling cost can be blamed on design changes that have been made over the last 16 months and damage to the facility near Oroville, Calif., that was far more extensive than initially presumed, the department said. The Department of Water Resources designed the repairs and issued a contract to Kiewit Corp. in April 2017 based on an estimate that the company could perform the work for $275 million. But the cost of that portion of the project has shot up to $630 million. In addition, the department’s internal costs have grown by $100 million, reaching $310 million. The agency also paid $160 million in emergency response costs, including removing sediment and installing temporary power lines. In total, the cost of getting the spillway repaired and upgraded has gone up by about $1 million every day since April 2017. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is supposed to pay for 75% of the repair costs, leaving the other 25% to agencies in the State Water Project. That would leave customers of water agencies such as the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which serves the city of Los Angeles, on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars. A Metropolitan Water District spokesman referred questions about those costs back to the state Department of Water Resources.

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Review: In its tour opener, BTS disrupted the whole idea of boy-band masculinity

Review: In its tour opener, BTS disrupted the whole idea of boy-band masculinity Like “Despacito” at the beginning of its historic run, though, the group is connecting on social media and on streaming services, where traditional gatekeepers wield less control. Just as important is BTS’ thrillingly evolved presentation of gender, which was on full display Wednesday along with its liberated approach to genre. Boy bands have long toyed with ideas about masculinity, of course. You don’t get to Harry Styles waving a rainbow flag onstage as a solo artist without the years he spent enacting various dude-ly behaviors in One Direction. But in concert BTS, whose members never talk about sex (when they talk about their personal lives at all), seemed entirely unshackled by the old ways of thinking. Many in the crowd waved Bluetooth-equipped light sticks. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times) The singers — RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jin, V, Jimin and Jungkook — started the show in black-and-gold matador outfits and later changed into frilly white blouses; they appeared in interstitial videos that had them sniffing pieces of fruit and jumping on beds and sizing up one another’s muscles. But they also wore baggy tracksuits and struck tough-guy poses like blustering MCs from the early 1980s. And though they performed plenty of luscious ballads — “Singularity,” a showcase for the pink-haired V, was almost impossibly breathy — the concert had moments that could recall the Chainsmokers’ bro-friendly EDM or the crunching rap-rock of Linkin Park. The effect was a welcome disruption of what we expect a male heartthrob to look and sound like — a radical cultural act made only more encouraging by how enthusiastically it was received by the diverse crowd inside Staples Center. Indeed, as altruistic as BTS may be in its ambition to open minds, the executives at Big Hit probably wouldn’t mount this kind of production if its message weren’t in keeping with a growing embrace of gender nonconformity.

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