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The retail operation will ask customers for feedback online as it tests the product during the next several months. Except for a minimum purchase amount and the delivery point, the online grocery ordering process for customers will be the same. Customers place and pay for their orders online, and those orders are filled inside the store by Walmart associates that store officials have said are trained to handpick the freshest produce and choicest cuts of meat. The orders are delivered to the kiosk in bins that are stored inside. The kiosk customer pulls up to the building and walks up to an interface station to enter a pickup code. The kiosk retrieves the order, delivering it to the customer in a process that takes a minute or less. Anne Hatfield, Walmart's director of communications, said the store operates a similar kiosk concept in the United Kingdom. "Now we are starting to test some of the same features here in the U.S.," she said. Other concepts also are getting tested in other markets across the nation.

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