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Taryn Rose , an orthopedic surgeon, along with Marion Parke and Joan Oloff , both podiatric surgeons, have all launched eponymous collections built from the inside out. 7 Tips From a Podiatrist for Getting Kids' Feet Ready for Summer Rose, the first to introduce a line in the late ‘90s, has returned as the face of her brand, now being produced under a new licensing agreement with Global Brands Group. The collection, set to deliver this fall, will retail from $150-$250, and includes a wardrobe of looks from sandals to boots. A higher-end Taryn Rose Collection companion line will retail for $395-$795. Taryn Rose suede slingback with covered heel, available for fall. “The shoe has to feel great immediately and have that aah [fashion] moment,” said Rose, about comfort features that include Poron cushioning with energy return and arch support. “The shoes are [for] the woman who wants to take care of herself and is willing to pay an extra amount to description [achieve that]. It’s not just about luxury, but necessity.” Trend wise f0r fall, she said she’s loving the color rose gold and silhouettes such as slides. “I love these easy slip-ons. I’m [also] always in a little bit of a heel.” Joan Oloff, whose family ran a shoe store, was bitten by the shoe bug early on. Noticing women she treated in her practice were often choosing stylish over comfortable shoes, decided to create her own line of Italian-made high-end looks featuring a patent-pending technology that provides shock absorption and offloads pressure points under the ball of the foot. The collection includes evening looks, tailored pumps and ballet flats, retailing from about $340.

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Frank + Oak Is Finally Making Womens Shoes

Frank + Oak Is Finally Making Women’s Shoes Frank + Oak made its highly anticipated (and wildly well-received) expansion into womenswear this past fall. Now the Canadian brand is gearing up to give you everything you need for a complete head-to-toe look, introducing its first-ever women’s footwear line this morning. A mix of styles were unveiled — from pastel pink leather pumps to monochromatic mint green sneakers — and to no one’s surprise, we love them all. While you’ll only find the leather low-top sneakers (Park, $135) in today’s launch, the brand plans to make additional drops pretty consistently throughout the spring. The styles to follow include a casual leather loafer (Marina, $105) on March 29th, along with two styles of heels — the Gallery Block Heel Pump ($110) and the Boutique Block Heel ($110), both available in leather or suede — on April 5th. Gallery Block Heel Pump ($110), available April 5th. Summer styles will also make an appearance (though it feels like we might never get to open-toed weather again). On April 5th, the leather espadrille รองเท้า แฟชั่น nike blazer สินค้า ใหม่ 100 (Jardin, $100) will also be รองเท้าผ้าใบแฟชั่นผู้หญิง introduced, followed by Moroccan-style leather and suede slippers known as babouches ($105) and a leather slip-on sandal ($100) on April 12th. In case you missed it, please note that no shoe in the entire collection costs more than $135, which is a feat considering every style is made with premium materials in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

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