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Instead of dipping into trends to see how they shake out, Ministry of Supply is making concerted, steady inroads that are really more like investments in a system they mean to put on the map for retail in general. Rather than trying it on for size, they’d like to own (and be partially responsible for the success of) the trend itself. Targeting key areas to increase air flow, move seamlessly when you move, and outlast garments that are weak at their seams. (3D Printing means no seams, no problems). Ministry of Supply They’ve already revolutionized staples of workwear, as we’ve tried ourselves (and vouched for) here and here . Now, they’re using 3D printing to engineer much, much better knits — that are also better for the environment. A 3D design is better for a 3D body. Clothes don't have to restrict movement — especially if they're literally designed around you. The 3D Print-Knit garments move with your body because they were engineered in multiple dimensions (just like you) with a pattern that takes into account your joints, plus the areas you put the most strain on during your day. Sustainability. This printing process creates almost no waste, a sharp contrast to the 35% that's usually left over when using traditional fabrics and techniques. Not only is it a better garment, it’s a way more sustainable process. Saves everybody money and time: Let’s skip steps like laying and cutting out a pattern and also save everyone from the uptick in inventory by a faster turnaround. It will last you way, way longer.

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California dad Tony Alarcon says daughter's Los Gatos school dress code unfair | The Kansas City Star

He did, however, say his daughter won’t be wearing the blue romper to school again because it didn’t pass his own rule of covering his daughter’s “front and rear” when she sits or touches her toes. “We have to have dress codes that are fair and reasonable and that don’t cause them emotional issues; cause them to question their bodies or feel like they’re sex symbols at 13 years old,” Alarcon told CBS. “Because they’re not. They’re just kids.” Demetra, who attends Raymond J. Fisher Middle School in Los Gatos, Calif., said she feels “picked on” for wearing what other girls wear to school. “Demetra isn’t alone. Just sit in Fisher’s parking lot and you’ll see that,” Alarcon told the newspaper. “I’ve heard from multiple girls that they just want to be comfortable, but they feel like they’re being pushed into wearing leggings in 100-degree heat.” The school’s dress code has specific rules about the length of shorts, skirts and dresses. “Underwear and midriffs may not be visible,” it says. “Cut-off tops, halter tops, strapless tops, tank tops with spaghetti straps, pajama pants and short shorts/skirts/dresses (inseam less than 4 inches) may not be worn to school.” Lisa Fraser, the school’s principal, said the school’s “Fashion Faux Pas” guidelines apply to both girls and boys. Among other no-nos: hats or hoods indoors, visible underwear, inappropriate words or logos, and those shorts with less-than-4-inch inseams.

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