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Crisps brands to avoid if you don't want a bag full of air - and the fullest packets

But some bags are emptier than most. You open them up to see a sorrowful few discs of seasoned potato hiding at the bottom of a chasm of despair. But what brands supply the most foil-based misery? Researchers have been looking into the issue, testing 15 different companies to find the worst offenders. The study was commissioned by appliance manufacturers the CDA, which bought a bag of each major crisp brand to see how much air it contained. Walkers could scrap one of its most popular flavours – and has put it to a vote Popchips were the emptiest, with a sad 72 per cent air. In second place were McCoy's, which is incredible displeasing. 59 per cent air. The famous Walkers contained 53 per cent air, while Wotsits were the fullest packets. Just 18 per cent.

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Here's which crisps brands are the worst for selling bags full of air | Metro News

Researchers bought a bag of 15 major crisps brands and analysed how much air each bag contained versus the number of crisps within. The worst offenders were found to be Popchips, with a bag made up of 72% air. That’s a majority share. You’re basically buying a bag of air with these. In second worst place were McCoys, with a bag containing 59% air. Walkers, known by many as air baggers, were found to contain 53% air. The fullest bags were from Wotsits, containing just 18% air (well done, guys), followed by Hoola Hoops with 28% air, and Quavers with 30% air. Which crisps have the most air in the bags? You’ll notice that the best crisp to air ratios aren’t found in traditional crisps, but in those that are more interestingly textured (a Wotsit is a very different experience to a McCoy’s or Walkers) – and there’s a reason for that. Crisps manufacturers don’t just half-fill their bags for the lols.

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